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Welcome to ST Machining, LLC located in Dayton, WA. Check back soon as we'll be uploading more samples of our work.

More fun! Shalako has designed some very usefully additions for all you who use Dillon reloading equipment!

Purchase these items through Desperado Cowboy Bullets, LLC



Handy Die Lock Ring Wrenches for both RCBS & both new and old Dillon dies!

Dillon Die wrenches:


Have a messed up case? Iron it out with our handy Case Iron:

Need to test your lead or hand mould some bullets? How about these helpful items?

Lead Tester Mould Handle

Dillon 650 Loaded Case Feed - we also have one for the 1050!

We have empty Case Feed Stops for both the 650 and 1050 as well!

How about a spent primer adapter? It quickly attaches to the 650 and allows you
to funnel the spent primers to a much larger container! We also have one for the Square Deal shown here:

Primer Tube holders:

Small (6/7) . . Large (13/14)

Small or large Primer Tube Holder available in Black or Blue.

Toolhead stands:

shown with all parts ..

A 1050 toolhead stand is in the works!!

or just the little parts holder

All available in Black or Blue.


A sample of our Clean Match Awards for Cowboy Action Shooting:

Pataha Rustlers Clean Match Award Dry Gulch Desperados

Minimum order is 25 - $1.50 each plus shipping for the 2" circle or thereabouts.

The last one is actually 3" because it was a 2 day match!

This is aluminum with powder coating, and then engraving.
Made from a 2 inch circle, just right for attaching to your gun cart!

We have lots of powder coat colors to choose from!

Other trophies done for various clubs/events:


Introducing Custom Shooter Conchos with your personal silhouette.

Doc Day Emma Bookherder

Pinto Annie Shalako Tucker

Metal discs engraved with your alias, SASS number and silhouette (all we need is a picture of you)
and then clear coated. These are 3" circles.

Custom trophy for Western States Championship 2010 (they supplied the art work).

We do custom machine work as well as small powder coating jobs. Quotes available upon request.

Shalako Tucker & Pinto Annie

Shalako Tucker and Pinto Annie, September 2009

(509) 382-8926

PO Box 165, Dayton, WA 99328

Last updated: July 19, 2016

Pinto Annie Designs


ST Machining, LLC

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